Over the past four decades, Rulewave has been a leading value-added logistics service provider to many reputable customers in this industry. The journey that we embarked on in 1982 has gained us an extensive amount of experience and knowledge. Together with the sector as a whole, we have developed ourselves as an increasingly more sustainable logistics service provider.

Our global experience and expertise in the extremely demanding and challenging sector are the foundation for the level of service, quality, and dedication we provide today.

All our offices are located in the major Oil & Gas hubs around the globe allowing us to offer optimal support to our customers. This geographic advantage also allows us to stay on top of the latest developments in the sector, and closely follow the latest trends and changes.

We continue to evolve and adapt to the rapidly changing Energy sector to ensure that our customers receive the highest level of service from our local team of experts, all over the globe.

Get in touch with our Energy experts and check how we can support your business by providing the following range of services:

Purchase order management
Inbound transportation
Value added services (quality checks, assembling, packing)
Dangerous Goods Handling, Packing and Storage
Warehousing services
Outbound Transportation by any Mode of Transportation
ERP Integration via EDI
Live visibility + Track & Trace via ‘Rulewaveonline’

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