Many sectors depend on the products made by the chemical industry. We understand the complicated health and safety risks in this sector, paired with the inherent strict and often complex international regulations. Our proven experience and quality in the sector, combined with the innovative automated processes we have implemented, are our guarantee for safe and responsible handling of your chemicals at all times.

We believe in deploying innovation to continuously elevate the safety standards in our warehouses and reset the norm in the Chemical sector. Our use of cutting-edge technology, combined with the professionalism of our people, ensures that your chemicals are handled with great care and precision. The result is our guarantee that no matter if your material is liquid or solid, hazardous or non-hazardous, we are not only able to provide you the tailormade solution based on your specific requirements but more importantly assure you of handling your chemicals with the highest level of safety and responsibility through every step of the process.

We take the strict regulations and different danger classes within chemicals very seriously. To ensure we comply with these rules, we have designed our storage facilities to be split into different compartments where goods can be stored and separated in accordance with the rules and regulations depending on the danger classes as well as the required storage temperature. This is your guarantee that your chemicals are stored responsibly and that potential risks are minimized.

A selection of our range of value-added services to your supply chain:

Inbound Logistics
Bonded storage and Inventory Management
Dangerous Goods Handling, Packing and Storage
Fully automated re-packing
Quality testing and inspection
Mixing and blending
Procurement: let us source your product
Global Outbound Distribution by any Mode of Transport to include:
Tank containers
Chemicals in Bulk
Live visibility + Track & Trace via ‘Rulewaveonline’

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