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The privately owned Rulewave Group of companies has a great passion for logistics and optimizing your supply chain by deploying innovative data-driven logistic solutions.

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With over 40+ years of experience in the sector, we have developed into a well-equipped one-stop-shop for all your logistic needs. The ‘never settle’ mentality of our team is a guarantee that we go above and beyond to optimize your supply chain to the fullest. Our strategically located offices, data-driven decision-making, and our signature personal touch allow us to provide innovative, sustainable logistics solutions specifically tailored to your business, no matter where you are.

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To us, Sustainability is more than a goal; our commitment to becoming more sustainable is reflected in every shipment we handle. Our strategically located warehouses, combined with our use of technology enable us to plan the most efficient routesby the optimal mode of transport. Read more about our efforts to minimize our carbon footprint here.

People and a personal touch

Due to the personal relationships we enjoy with our customers, all of the services provided are equipped with our signature personal touch; a guarantee that our knowledge of your organization is transformed into a tailored logistic solution, delivered to you personally. You receive the local Rulewave experience, no matter where you are.


We continuously invest in state-of-the-art technology. Our Customized Warehouse- and Logistics Management Systems, combined with our robust Data Framework, allow us to make data-driven decisions and provide innovative solutions that increase efficiency, visibility, and transparency.

The people of Rulewave are ready to help.

Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to working on finding the best solutions to optimize your supply chain, enabling you to dedicate your time to your core business.

Over the past 40+ years, our in-house team of professionals has established strong relationships with customers and partners. We value our clients having a dedicated contact person and being able to discuss urgent matters personally and in a timely manner. By enjoying these personal relationships, we ensure that we are in the ultimate position to provide knowledge-based custom-made solutions that fit your organization best.

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“I have engaged with Rulewave since 1995 in forwarding, ship chartering, and warehousing. I consider Rulewave to be a top-notch world-class provider who has delivered consistently high-quality customer experiences year in and year out.”

John Newcaster, Supply Chain Consultant to American Gilsonite Company

“If there is one reliable Freight Forwarder that shows dedication and commitment, it is Rulewave. Throughout many years of doing business with Rulewave it has been an absolute pleasure to speak with their colleagues, and enjoy their friendly, supportive, swift responses and tailored solutions. I would highly recommend Rulewave to anyone that needs a streamlined service without any issues.”

Marc Eigner, Commercial Director at AK Well Services Limited

“Rulewave provides a number of things for the Hendrik Veder Group, such as providing updates and registration after deliveries of documents, providing ETA’s, correct customs clearance and delivery of our steel cables containers, precise planning of deliveries, bonded warehousing and delivering to Poland, and requesting and offering project logistics. Quick and accurate proposals, combined with competitive pricing is particularly important. The great and professional contact is greatly appreciated.”

John van der Meer, Senior Purchase Manager at Hendrik Veder Group

“We have worked in collaboration with Rulewave globally, including The Netherlands, for over 4 years now. Which has meant that our customers receive our products without delay. We are always assured of a prompt and competitive response from well trained and knowledgeable staff. Our bespoke stock is well warehoused and dispatched proficiently.”

Sophie Griffiths, Customer Service and Logistics Manager for UK and USA at Clear Solutions

“Our relationship with Rulewave over the last 18 months has been critical to Chemstar’s success. With all the supply chain issues across the globe, Olivier and the team at Rulewave have gone above and beyond to what was required to find solutions that enabled us to operate without losing any days due to material shortages. I highly recommend Rulewave as a trusted logistics provider.”

Kelly Madigan, Global Sourcing Manager at Chemstar Products Company Inc.

“We have chosen Rulewave for our logistics needs, and their services offered allow us to focus on our core business activities. We are very happy and satisfied with this partnership so far.”

Roy van der Windt, Managing Director at CTS Far East Pte. Ltd.

“Asbury Carbond and Graphite is a worldwide supplier of semi-finished goods for several industries, including the automotive and drilling industries. It is important to us that our products reach our customers well. Rulewave knows exactly what to do in order to move the goods from its origin to the destination. Internal communication with our customer service plays a significant role in this, since every country asks for diverse types of documentation. It is partly thanks to Rulewave that we always have the right documents on hand for our specific customers. They make sure we have nothing to worry about.”

Raoul van Geel, Customer Service at Asbury Carbons

“Our collaboration with Rulewave is excellent! They put thought in every last detail in order to get the best results!”

Stephan Eradus, Manager Operations at Thomsen Select

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