Global Logistics Service Provider

The Rulewave Group

Global Logistics Service Provider

The Rulewave Group is a global logistic services provider and specialises in the management and movement of multi-scale tonnages, by any mode of transport to anywhere in the world.

We offer a comprehensive service of excellence which includes every aspect of international forwarding, by Road, Rail, Air and Sea - value added multi-modal services.

  • 16:52 Singapore
  • 12:52 Baku
  • 12:52 Moscow
  • 11:52 Erbil
  • 10:52 Istanbul
  • 10:52 Mersin
  • 09:52 Rotterdam
  • 08:52 London
  • 02:52 Houston

International Network

Our network of offices are strategically placed in the major oil and gas hubs allowing us to support and manage our customer requirements, who benefit from our global infrastructure. We are able to offer a door to door service in many cases.

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Rulewave has established offices in Rotterdam, London, Aberdeen, Houston, Moscow, Baku, Istanbul, Mersin, Erbil and Singapore.

From these offices Rulewave has been successfully expanding its business globally, with rapid company growth as a result.