Global Logistics Service Provider



Base Oil is an essential component in the drilling process and it needs to be permanently on hand. Ask our specialists and we will arrange to transport your Base Oil to your doorstep wherever your drillsite.

Solid Expertise In Liquid Transport

Transporting base oil demands highly specific expertise. We have lots of experience in transporting non-hazardous liquids by sea or rail to destinations which include Siberia, West Africa, North Africa, the Caspian states and Australia. We are familiar with the issues and procedures particular to a specific destination. For the transport, we exclusively work with a number of regular partners.

Each of these partners has an excellent track record, a solid maintenance regime and experienced, carefully screened captains.

Flexitank Solutions

Flexitanks are a smart alternative to expensive 20-foot isotank containers. They are particularly well-suited for transport to remote destinations where there is little profit from retrieving the expensive containers. Flexitanks can be transported both by water and overland. Working in close collaboration with the supplier, we have further developed the flexitanks so that they are now also suited for rail transport â€“innovation that we would love to talk to you about.